Genova Diagnostics ® Health tests

The Gastrointestinal/Immunology product lines include both GI and Immunology tests. This includes the GI Effects® Profiles, as well as CDSA 2.0 and all other branded GI/Immune profiles from Genova Diagnostics.

Gastrointestinal (17)
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA)
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 2.0 (CDSA 2.0)
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 2.0 without Parasitology
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis/Parasitology (CDSA/P)
Comprehensive Parasitology Profile (CP)
GI Effects® Comprehensive Profile - Stool
GI Effects® Gut Pathogen Profile
GI Effects® Microbial Ecology Profile
Gut Immunology
Intestinal Permeability Assessment
Lactose Intolerance Breath Test
Microbiology Analysis
Pancreatic Elastase
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
Yeast Culture
Immunology (10)
Allergix® IgG4 Food Antibodies - Bloodspot 30
Allergix® IgG4 Food Antibodies 90 - Serum
Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity
IgE Food Antibodies
IgE Inhalants - Allergy Test
IgE Mold - Allergy Test
IgG Food Antibodies
IgG Spice Profile
IgG Vegetarian Food Profile
SARS-CoV-2 IgG Serology Assay

The Genovations® product line offers genomic testing to evaluate common genetic variations known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The presence of specific SNPs may indicate a predisposition for health vulnerabilities. SNPS may be assessed in multiple functional areas including cardiovascular, detoxification, methylation, immune modulation, and estrogen metabolism.

Genovations (5)
CardioGenomicPlus Profile
DetoxiGenomic® Profile
EstroGenomic® Profile
ImmunoGenomic® Profile
NeuroGenomic Profile

The Endocrinology product line includes a variety of comprehensive tests designed to evaluate and monitor hormone levels.

Endocrine (17)
Adrenocortex Stress Profile
Bone Resorption Assessment
Complete Hormones™
Comprehensive Melatonin Profile
Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment
EndoSelect Salivary
Essential Estrogens® - Hormone Test
Estrogen Metabolism Assessment, Urine
Hormonal Health™
Male Hormonal Health™
Male Hormones Plus™
Menopause Check Plus™
Menopause Plus™
One Day Hormone Check™
Rhythm Plus™

The Nutritional product line includes the NutrEval® and ION profiles, as well as all other nutritional profiles. The nutrition line includes profiles designed to identify and target nutritional imbalances, offering personalized patient recommendations.

Nutritional (31)
Amino Acids 11 Profile - Blood Spot
Amino Acids 20 Profile - Blood Spot
Amino Acids Analysis, Plasma
Amino Acids Analysis, Urine
CV Health Plus Genomics™
CV Health™
Cardio Check
Comprehensive Urine Element Profile
Elemental Analysis
Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis (EMFA)
Fat-Soluble Vitamins Profile - Serum
Fatty Acids Profile – Bloodspot
Fatty Acids Profile – Plasma
ION Profile with 40 Amino Acids
ION Profile®
Methylation Panel
NutrEval® FMV
NutrEval® Plasma
Nutrient & Toxic Elements - Blood
Organic Acids (formerly Metabolic Analysis Profile)
Organix Basic Profile - Urine
Organix® Comprehensive Profile - Urine
Organix® Dysbiosis Profile - Urine
Oxidative Stress 2.0 (Urine)
Oxidative Stress Analysis 2.0 (Blood)
TRIAD® Bloodspot Profile
TRIAD® Profile - Blood & Urine
Toxic Element Clearance Profile
Toxic Metals - Whole Blood
Vitamin D Test
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